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A worldwide team focused on preserving the strength and precision of your message across boundaries and cultures. Empowering you to communicate effectively in all major languages and formats.

C O M P R E H E N S I V E   M U L T I L I N G U A L   S O L U T I O N S

Our team of translators, linguists/proofreaders, and media professionals in different regions of the world are ready to solve any graphic and/or other media platform formats in 15 of the world's major languages:

  1. graphic conversions/adaptations
  2. |
  3. websites
  4. |
  5. audio voice-over
  6. |
  7. video dubbing or subtitling

L A N G U A G E S   &   S C O P E


For all written translation assignments and projects, large or small, the same expertise, teamwork and attention to detail will insure that your professionally produced content remains as carefully crafted and accurate in the foreign/target language.

Our translators have been pre-screened and evaluated to meet company standards and are matched by specialty and professional background for assignments containing technical and/or sector specific content. Our teams will successfully bridge linguistic nuances and stylistic forms to achieve excellence in translation.

At every step, our in-house project management procedures insure quality and value for our clients.

A R E A S   O F   E X P E R T I S E

Since 1999, Language Links has processed thousands of critical private and public sector materials in the legal, medical, marketing, human resources, advertising, education, journalism, corporate communications and publishing fields.

Our formatting capabilities span all the various different electronic presentation and graphic design programs (in both Mac and PC) to provide anything from ready PowerPoint presentations to print-ready graphic files for brochures, manuals, catalogs, magazines. More on AREAS OF EXPERTISE.




Simplified Chinese*

*All country/regional localizations are available

C O S T S   A N D   R A T E S:

Each assignment is individually quoted based on its specific characteristics. In order to generate a firm quote for our services, your material will be evaluated taking into account a number of factors including the 'language pair' requested, language complexity and/or specialization, formatting needs/challenges, the assignments 'volume' and the project management tasks involved.

This evaluation will determine the 'per word rate' and/or combined 'per hour rate' (when applicable) which we provide in a single detailed quote including delivery timeframe and terms. Standard rates are applied to most translations; however, a per word surcharge can apply for highly technical or industry specific content. GET A QUOTE


How can I determine the quality of a translation?
The simplest definition of a good translation is one that reads as if it had been authored in the target language. To better understand what it takes to obtain an excellent translation, we invite you to read our article 'Translation: The art of rewriting with idiomatic sensitivity'

What if I need a CERTIFIED translation?
Institutional governance and legal procedures will require "certified" translations for items like contracts, consent forms, educational transcripts, birth certificates, etc.

Upon request, our company provides valid Notarized Translation Certificates issued in the United States (Certification fees start at U$40.00).

Should I obtain assessment on my current translations?
It is recommended to seek quality verification, particularly for translations not performed by a specialized provider or that may not be adequately localized for a given market/country.

Our company offers a free review; if translation(s) do not meet accuracy and quality standards, we will provide a free report identifying and quantifying any issues, and quote a cost for having them resolved.


S T A N D A R D S   &   M A N A G E M E N T


Language Links provides consistent quality by applying proven methodologies for managing assignments and streamlining tasks with translators, linguists and media/production resources.

All Project Management and Quality Control processes are centrally managed and leveraged in-house. Strict cross-check proofing procedures verify quality of all translated content and final formats/outputs.

Our team translators and linguists have been thoroughly pre-screened, evaluated and categorized to conform a powerful network of professionals covering a wide spectrum of subject specialties in the different major languages. Languages & Scope.

The use of a number of collateral technologies, including specialized text management software and glossary administrators, provide critical operational support to optimize processes and improve services and costs for our clients.

Our turn-key media services can also solve specific media platform or format requirements such as voice-overs, subtitling, and any type of DTP solutions.

Q U A L I T Y   S T A N D A R D S

Having competent individual translators and linguists that understand the value of teamwork and due process still continues, in this technological age, to be the most critical core asset of any translation service company today. Standards applied by Language Links Inc. include:

  • Detailed pre-screening and proficiency accreditation process of all our translators and linguists
  • Our translators will only be assigned for translating into their primary/native language
  • All translations go through a cross-check proofing process performed by second professional
  • Adherence to strict confidentiality standards

Since beginning operations over 15 years ago, Language Links has focused on:

  • Constant evaluation, upgrade and expansion of its professional network,
  • Implementation of internal management and quality control procedures designed to guarantee application of Standards
  • Maximizing the network's size and capabilities to expand services to our clients without ever compromising quality.

D T P   G R A P H I C S   &   A / V   M E D I A


Language Links manages a network of professionals, both locally and in different regions of the world, ready to solve any specific media platform and/or format issue. We will provide both translation and production/adaptation to provide a new final output in the target foreign language for:

  • Graphic lay-outs – all programs/software (for existing publications/collaterals, etc.)
  • Website content
  • Training presentations in any format
  • Dubbing or subtitling of existing A/V
  • New graphic or A/V production
From corporate communications to customer relationship or promotional marketing, we will insure that your image, message and results-oriented graphic and audiovisual communications remain as professional, culturally relevant and persuasive when targeting the intended foreign-language audience.

A R E A S   O F   E X P E R T I S E

Corporate Communications
Newsletters and Magazines
Employee Benefits and Insurance
Annual Reports
Employee Manuals
Training Videos

Commercial Collaterals
Graphic Advertising
Owner's/Product Manuals
Sales Catalogs & Materials
Signage & POP materials

Critical Documentation
Press Releases
Research Study Collaterals
Educational Transcripts
Immigration filing collaterals
Environmental reports
Video scripts
Technical/Scientific Reports

Non-fiction books
Academic Journals
Research Reports

Affidavits & Disclosures
Court Orders
Consent Forms
Legal Agreements
Birth and Marriage Certificates
Fiscal/Financial reports

Records and Reports
Waiver Forms
Consent Forms
Patient Prep procedures
Advance Directives


O N - S I T E   I N T E R P R E T E R   S E R V I C E S

On-Site Interpreter Services


At Language Links we understand the importance of achieving accurate, effective and culturally correct communication in any on-site setting requiring foreign language interpretation.

We provide interpretation (consecutive or simultaneous oral translation) services in all the various types of settings such as conferences, presentations, medical consultations, legal hearings and proceedings, and any other situation requiring an interpreter or team of interpreters.

When needed, we can provide interpretation using headphones/transmission equipment.

Our regular fee for on-site interpreter starts at $45 per hour with a minimum of 1.5 hours. Discounted half-day or full-day rates may apply. Services requiring travel outside the Piedmont Triad area (North Carolina) could be subject to additional travel/mileage fees. Services requiring headphones/transmission are subject to equipment rental fees.

who we are

L A N G U A G E - L E A R N I N G   P R O G R A M S


Language Links, Inc. develops and implements Spanish-language learning programs that address specific needs. They are not structured as survival Spanish courses but as programs to acquire Spanish as a second language.

They are focused on developing oral proficiency that will solve both short-term and long-term language needs and goals as previously assessed for student/s of all levels.

Our core curriculum and structured conversational methodology allows our teachers to provide the same formal per module/level to all types of students (not just for professionals in Corporate or Health Care sectors).

Consult details of our core program by accessing the 'Corporate' program. Students with other professional backgrounds/needs can complete the same structured program and advance through the core curriculum. To adapt to student's needs/sector, our teachers will customize the lesson plans accordingly through integration of topical vocabulary, written exercises, and situational role play.

Cost and Rates

Please e-mail or call us to obtain specific conditions and rates associated to our different language-learning programs and services.

We have proprietary curricula for two Spanish learning programs:

Click on the program you are interested in for more specific information


Structure & Methodology

Our programs are implemented by trained native teachers working in small groups (3 to 5 persons). Private one-on-one classes are also offered.

They cover a curriculum teaching a sequence of basic usage and vocabulary as well as the most essential grammar concepts through effective application of the principles and techniques of the "conversational" method.

Classes are conducted in the target language and our instructors are highly trained in the application of the most internationally recognized conversational methodologies for teaching Spanish as a second language. This allows to emphasize fluency over language rules while the student naturally develops the capabilities in grammar, usage, pronunciation, and pertinent vocabulary.

We also offer these language-learning services:

Conversational/Survival Spanish for Travel
These are customized and short (2, 4 or 8 week) programs adaptable to students of all levels.

Tutoring services are available for high school and college level students for both Spanish and French.

Language Proficiency Evaluations
We provide LPE services for companies and organizations needing to assess the foreign language proficiency level of employees/professionals. Available for Spanish and all major European languages.

L A N G U A G E - L E A R N I N G   P R O G R A M S

SPANISH for Health Care Providers

Language Links, Inc. has developed a Spanish-language teaching program that addresses the needs of health care providers. Our program uses lesson plans based on working in small class groups (maximum 1:5 teacher/student ratio).

The program focuses on quickly developing oral proficiency with classes conducted primarily in the target language and lessons structured to progressively merge grammar and health care terminology through multiple class drills and activities that foster student participation.

Lessons are structured around such topics as the patient-practitioner relationship, patient symptoms, medical tests and procedures, diagnoses and treatment and presented in the context of various medical settings.

A core curriculum book (+ audio CD) provides a core basis and sequence for learning topical vocabulary and key grammar. Even though the use of the book during class time is very limited, it provides the student with explanations of concepts and vocabulary taught in class to review at home.

Unique to our program are the supplemental materials and teacher's lesson guides enhancing the core curriculum. These components, prepared by Language Links, are designed to reinforce curricular learning objectives and to enrich the lessons with additional health care and cultural content of value to medical providers communicating with Spanish-speaking patients.

Click below for more specific information on the Corporate Spanish Program

Corporate Spanish Program

Language Links Inc. has developed a Spanish-language Learning Program that specifically addresses the needs of business persons. Our program uses lesson plans based on working in small class groups (maximum 1:5 teacher/student ratio), using a dynamic and effective "conversational" model.

This program focuses on quickly developing oral proficiency to deal with standard travel and work situations in a framework that will allow the student to build permanent skills in the language. Lesson plans follow a core curriculum but are designed to allow students to progressively acquire usage and sentence construction abilities faster and naturally.

Our core curriculum and our lesson plans (proprietary) allow for some customization based on the specific student group's communication needs or professional sector, for example, by integrating topical vocabulary or particular 'situational' exercises to the lesson plans.

Unique to our program is the use of various types of educational materials and teacher activities to enhance learning and to integrate business, travel, and cultural content to the core learning curriculum.

Students will also have access to a series of key handouts and audio (CD) materials for at-home pronunciation and vocabulary practice.

Click below for more specific information on the Corporate Spanish Program




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